Calibration service satisfaction surveys routinely given to our customers to enter our work performance. The following comments are taken from surveys received from customers. We strive to provide the best service to our customers, and this statement to prove it.

"We are very grateful, has a lot of information that is very valuable, so we get an important lesson about calibration as well as disclosure of the information is accurate, as well as fast service, so it does not interfere prosess use of the tool, we hope to provide improvements in accordance with the achievement of which is always measured for the foreseeable future"

-PT OI, Karawang-


"We are very satisfied with the results of the calibration Caltesys. Hopefully the cooperation that has been good for this can continue. What we like about Caltesys is all the staff were professional and very responsive to our needs. Timely and professional presentations. The only lab calibration we know that work fast and focus on customer needs"

-PT W, Bekasi-


"Salut with Caltesys commitment to customer satisfaction" PT RUI, Jakarta "After using several calibration lab, we can say that Caltesys offer quality and good service. Hope can be maintained"

-PT SS, Tangerang-